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Mel—formerly a ghost writer for famous Christians and now a prominent gay activist—was one of my closest friends for years before he revealed to me his.

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Jan 10, - Various blogs have been hammering me for agreeing to speak to a group called the Gay Christian Network. I get tired of writing about this issue. Oct 21, - The gay marriage debate in religious circles needs to move beyond Philip Yancey, whose books have sold more than 14 million copies.

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Mar 5, - What's not so amazing about grace? We analyze the theology of doubt, the powerlessness of grace, and the smallness of God in the modern. Philip Yancey was the featured speaker at the Gay Christian Network's conference this year. I've always appreciated his candor, integrity, and.

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In , his very close friend and fellow Evangelical author, Mel White came out as being gay. This interview explores how Philip Yancey responded to the. What's So Amazing About Grace? is a book by Philip Yancey, an American journalist and include a modern retelling of the Parable of the Prodigal Son, an account of Yancey's friendship with Mel White who came out as homosexual.

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The Q Christian Fellowship (or QCF) is an ecumenical Christian ministry focused on serving lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, queer, and straight ally Christian persons. It was founded in as The Gay Christian Netowrk (GCN) by Justin Lee . Past conferences have included names such as Philip Yancey, Rachel Held. Mar 5, - Heard on Hosts Include:

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May 25, - Philip Yancey Speaks at Gay Christian Network Conference. Does this scenario remind you of anyone you've read about in the bible whose. Jan 29, - Philip Yancey is one of the world's most successful evangelical authors, selling 15 Yet he is clear about saying he has gay Christian friends.

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Mar 5, - Listen to Philip Yancey's Gay Apologetic - Not So Amazing Grace and 99 other episodes by Generations Radio. No signup or install required. Mar 5, - Listen to Philip Yancey's Gay Apologetic - Not So Amazing Grace and 9 other episodes by Homosexuality On SermonAudio. No signup or.

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Nov 1, - It was a book by Philip Yancey titled What's So Amazing About Grace? Church (a "gay" church denomination), Yancey finds it difficult to say. May 28, - Phil Yancey is Christianity Today's house columnist. It's got a whole chapter on Mel White, who's now a gay activist, and it's got a whole.

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Mar 5, - A new MP3 sermon from Generations Radio is now available on SermonAudio with the following details: Title: Philip Yancey's Gay Apologetic. Philip Yancey speaks very sympathetically about homosexuality and was interviewed by the homosexual site “Whosoever” which is pro- homosexual. On that.

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Jan 11, - Philip Yancey observed a gay-rights parade in Washington, D.C., in which gays tried to justify their lifestyle in Christian love, while some. Jan 12, - Philip Yancey is one of the best-selling evangelical Christian authors in Let's pretend you're talking to an agnostic, gay college professor who.

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Jul 20, - Rodgers's story raises questions about embracing a gay Christian . Philip Yancey, “Speaking to Gay Christians,” Philip Yancey website. Jun 14, - I do not think the state should recognize gay marriage (so called), but my He tells of how Philip Yancey asked strangers what they thought of.

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May 12, - I was struck by many things, including his quote from Philip Yancey: struggling with depression, doubt, suicide, suffering, or homosexuality. Jul 5, - Mona told of how Yancey accompanied his 'gay Christian' friend Mel White on the 'gay' march in Washington in March and how Yancey.

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Apr 21, - Even if Christians don't support homosexuality, they can still Christian love," wrote the evangelical journalist Philip Yancey in his book What's. Yancey's steadfast support for his friend Mel, and his own struggle with the sinfulness of homosexuality is documented in the book and is one of the most honest.

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Philip Yancey, one of America's leading Christian thinkers and author of more than a dozen How would the members of your church react to a gay minister? Yancey's criticisms turn out to pivot not at all on sin, but on pleasantness and niceness—abortion protestors, people who would call homosexuality a sin, and.